Taking the MESS out of Messenger: 5 key takeaways

Facebook Messenger has the makings of being a huge success. It started as an in-app no cost way to text and share with your friends and family. You could even call someone! But now, a few years down the line, even Facebook’s head of Messenger, David Marcus, admits things have gotten out of control.

First, Messenger was spun out into its own separate app. Then, Facebook tried to add as many elements and features as possible to make Messenger even more appealing. That’s a move that, Marcus admitted last week, got away from them. In less than four years, the additions to Messenger include self-contained games, customer service live chat bots, payments to and from other users and, of course, ads in message feeds. Messenger became so weighed down that a Lite version was introduced, although it was for Android only. That move was designed so users in developing countries with limited internet could still use the app. It became the preferred version for many Western users, too, because of its streamlined appearance.

Facebook now says—without offering any real specifics – that they are going to look for ways to clean up and speed up Messenger in 2018.

But why should you and your credit union care?

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