“Thank Your Piggy Bank” with The Disclosures


Just in time for National Credit Youth Week, our very own The Disclosures have released their latest single “Thank My Piggy Bank” — a song for kids about the virtues of saving. (Something a few of us adults may need a refresher course in as well.) So we invited The Disclosures’ Chad Helminak and Christopher Morris on the show to not only find out more about the song but also experience a “live” performance from the dynamic duo. I also provided a cut of their accompanying video in the intro. Visit thedisclosuresmusic.com for its entirety.

Since we last spoke a little over a year ago Chad and Chris have had some impressive tour dates playing a number of credit union shows. I’m still lobbying for them to play on the big stage at the GAC. It’ll happen. Also, look for their full album of financial-related songs later this year — just in time for the holidays!

Always a blast having Chad and Chris on the show. And you might even find yourself quietly humming their new tune while you work, running on the treadmill, changing diapers, mowing the lawn, stuck in traffic, etc. (All of the above for me.). Go check it out!


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