The Amazon Effect on the value of mobile banking

The Amazon Effect is a term commonly and increasingly used to describe the effect that the entire digital marketplace has had on traditional forms of commerce. The Amazon Effect has also changed the buying habits and expectations of your members. The impact that Amazon has had on the retail sector is well documented, especially when discussing the changing landscape with a brick and mortar store.  Not only has the Amazon Effect introduced consumers to a near frictionless shopping process, it has changed the mindset of consumers to expect more immediate results, not just in retail, but across many other aspects of their lives. The financial industry has certainly felt the effects and members, especially Millennials, expect a similar experience with their credit union.

Just as retail consumers want a quality experience in front of their computers as when in a shopping mall, members want the Amazon experience from their mobile banking app. They want the same member services as if they were in a branch. Immediate answers, full range of services and assistance just a click away. The more a member can get accomplished on your mobile app, the more they experience the value of mobile banking and the more loyal to the credit union they become.


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