The basics of supplemental health insurance

An accident, a critical illness, or an extended hospital stay are unexpected events that can turn your world upside down. Thankfully, when that happens, your medical insurance can kick in to help with your recovery.

However, you may have out of pocket expenses or high deductibles that you are responsible for that may require you to tap into your savings which some individuals do not have. That’s where having supplemental insurance comes in handy. It can help pay for deductibles and medical services or other expense that your health plan doesn’t cover. Some supplemental plans provide cash to help cover wages that are lost while recuperating from an illness or an injury, transportation costs due to a medical condition, as well as other living expenses.1

Learn how you can have cost-effective coverage for life’s necessities when an unexpected health issue arises. Supplemental health insurance can help you in the following three scenarios.

You need to stay in the hospital

Nobody wants to go to the hospital, but many people are making that trip. In a recent year, there was a total of 33,356,853 admissions in all U.S. hospitals.2


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