The best response to mobile for your business

by. Prue Duggan

It’s impossible to ignore the impact mobile has has had to enterprises online. The question is no longer whether or not to join the digitally mobile pack but how to do it in a way that meets both the needs of the customer and the business.

In 2008, when the first of the smartphones splashed down into the web, the adoption rate of Mobile (with a capital ‘M’) blew even the most optimistic estimates out of the water. Many were taken by surprise but retail and technological innovators like Amazon, Google, and Apple quickly adapted and blazed a trail that many have failed to follow. Customers behaviors and expectations changed just as quickly and those who were unable to deliver hemorrhaged market share. It’s been five years since the mobile revolution put customers firmly in the driving seat and, if anything, there’s the potential for there to be even more blood in the water, as one leading financial technologist, Bradley Leimer claims, saying “as we move further into digital experience, the next decade will be even more incredibly disruptive”. Although Leimer’s comments are directed at the financial services industry, the case he makes can be applied to any consumer-driven industry struggling for mindshare in a competitive, digitally driven market.

Knowing where to start, especially if you don’t have the digital marketing budget of say, Pepsi, can be hard. There are two commonly adopted approaches for those looking to start engaging effectively with their customers online but there’s also a third, which we think combines the best of both worlds and delivers more for less. First, let’s take a look at the first and most basic option: Responsive Design.

Responsive design is a software design practice that ensures your website will scale to fit the screen of whatever device it is being viewed on. The reason why responsive design has become popular is because it’s a great way to ensure your customers get to experience a version of your site optimized to their phone, and with so many different phones, tablets, and screen sizes out there it’s impossible to create a separate mobile site for each one.

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