The certainty of uncertainty

One of the few guarantees in life – besides taxes and hitting every red light when you’re running late – is uncertainty. There will be many times when the path forward is out of your control. That’s a big reason why so many successful leaders recommend focusing on “controlling the controllables.” NAFCU is working through an uncertain time as our members are currently considering and casting votes on a potential merger with CUNA.

Throughout this process, we have promised to be transparent. We have prioritized your feedback to help determine the vision of the proposed new association, America’s Credit Unions. We have communicated important information as decisions are made.

While we prepare for a possible transformation, we must still focus on what we can control: responsibly anticipating what’s next while serving our members with the same quality of advocacy, education, and compliance that’s expected of us. It’s a delicate balance, but a necessary one. Every leader in the credit union industry works to find such a balance: You must serve your members, adapt to economic environments, ensure the safety and soundness of your institutions, and comply with ever-changing regulations.

The balance NAFCU is walking is to ensure that, if you vote in favor of the merger, the new association will be as strong as possible. This strength will provide a united voice in Washington – securing wins to help you better serve your members and communities.


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