The CUInsight Network: Zogo (#2)

“The importance of members to credit unions is attractive to the younger generation.” - Bolun Li

by Randall Smith,

Thank you for tuning in to episode 2 of The CUInsight Network, with your host, Randy Smith, co-founder of also the host of The CUInsight Network and it is my job on this show to have conversation with thought leaders who support the credit union community. To identify issues affecting credit unions and have a discussion on best practices so that we can all gain a few nuggets we can learn from and improve our credit unions.

My guest on today’s show is Bolun Li, the Founder & CEO of Zogo. He and his team work closely with credit unions and other financial institutions to provide an on-the-go and interactive financial education tool. This tool is meant to not only attract the younger generation to credit unions but it emphasizes our social responsibility. 

Listen as Bolun discusses the need for credit unions to use advancements in technology to extend their membership to the younger generations and how being more people focused will help. Bolun also talks about delivering financial education resources to prospective members in the way they would engage with it most; primarily through their mobile devices. 

With exponential transition since the pandemic and the quick digital transformation, Zogo will continuously work with credit unions to improve their mobile experiences and presence concerning financial education. He also believes that with innovation in retail branches there is potential to shift consumers to building with credit unions over any other financial institution. 

In the rapid-fire questions, we find out that when Bolun thinks of success, he thinks about Steve Jobs and enjoys the simplicity of his creations. When his busy calendar is empty, Bolun enjoys drives around town or a quick game of golf to clear his head.   Enjoy my conversation with Bolun!


How to find Bolun:
Bolun Li

Show notes from this episode:
Shout-out: Coastal Credit Union
Shout-out: NACUSO
Book mentioned: Start With Why by Simon Sinek
Book mentioned: From Good to Great by Jim Collins
Album mentioned: Anything by Imagine Dragons

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