The Don’ts and Do’s of Spring: Clean, break, and training

Now more than ever we are ready to shed our weathered old coat and prepare for our Spring renewal.  No, we aren’t talking about the weather, but about Financial Services in 21st century, 2014 to be precise.

Whether it’s Spring Break, Spring Cleaning or Spring Training, we could all use a refresher on this year’s “Do’s” and Don’ts” in the new and improved 21st century financial arena.

Are we moving in the right direction (forward)?
Are we cleaning up status quo standards?
Are we ready to hit a home run in the coming months?

Is your answer “yes” to one or all of the questions? Great. Let’s prepare for a good purge (the don’ts) and invest in the right splurge (the just do’s).

Marketing Don’ts: Commoditize                            Marketing Do’s: Simplify

Avg 3.2 products or more                                                              Spend relationship solutions
Mad Mortgage maximums                                                            Lend relationship solutions
Fast fee followers and fine print                                                 Save relationship solutions
Promote Wealthy behaviors                                                        Encourage Wellness habits

Cultural Don’ts:                                                        Cultural Do’s:

Consensus & Silent Majority                                                      Collaboration- Courageous Conflict
Hierarchy – Linear Thinking                                                       Heterarchy – Matrix Management
Telling & Teaching – One~way                                                  Listening & Learning – Two~way

Financial Don’ts                                                       Financial Do’s

Balance Sheet, Black & White surface                                   Focus on Income Statement, Trends
clean view only                                                                                Cash Flows
Short term gain with Long term Pain                                    Short term pain for Long term gain
Operational Efficiency ~ Costs only                                      Operational Effectiveness ~Rev Gen
Scale/Partner for quantity                                                        Scale/Partner for quality & expertise

Operational Don’ts                                                 Operational Do’s

Work Silos and Disparate Systems                                        Workflow and System Integration
Profit over Purposeful Matters                                              Performance and Purpose Matters
Tech w/o Training your Talent                                               Talent, Tech and Market Timing

Too much on the list to handle?

Consider starting with Enterprise Risk Management, Leadership and a Project Management Plan. Assess, Prioritize and Treat with a Team approach. Monitor and remodel for measurable improvement.

Spring Cleaning, Spring Break or Spring Training ~ They happen every year.  Our members, our communities and our team deserve the best we have to provide. Are you ready to go (and grow)?

Lisa Kuhn Phillips

Lisa Kuhn Phillips

Lisa is a 25 year financial service executive, progressive organizational strategist and culture catalyst. She is also president/founder of inavision, LLC, a consulting firm specializing in Social Business Strategy ... Web: Details