The importance of feedback during the COVID-19 crisis

Feedback is a valuable source of information in many areas of your credit union. Here are three sources of feedback that can be super helpful to your credit union during this COVID-19 crisis…

From members: If you want to provide your members with the best possible service at this time, it’s important to have your eyes and ears attentive to what your members need. This might be in direct conversation with a member or something as simple as a comment made on your latest Facebook post. Members always have problems, but right now they have problems they’ve never had to deal with before and it’s your job to help solve them. Feedback is a great way to know if your members are satisfied with what you’re providing or if it’s time to start brainstorming.

From staff: Your employees engage in a lot more communication with members than you do. Your staff are the ones who are keeping things running. While you may be the captain, there’s no smooth sailing without your team. This period of working from home is definitely an adjustment for everyone. What are they hearing from members? Do they have the tools they need to succeed? Could processes be changed to improve the way things work? Listen to your team. They’ve got valuable insight and information to provide you right now.

From management: Times are tough. If your team feels under-appreciated right now, morale is probably low. A little encouragement can definitely go a long way right now.

John Pettit

John Pettit

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