The most effective way to gain new members for your credit union


Thank You Cards

Full Stop!

It really is that simple.

If you started sending out thank you cards to your existing members today, you would see an immediate impact on new members for your credit union within 3-6 months.  The caveat here is consistency.

We can’t just mail out a few cards, or even 10. We need to create a habit of sending handwritten thank you cards to existing members for all types of reasons.

The term “Thank You” is used generically here. We can send cards for many different occasions, and at many different times. The mear act of sending cards, consistently, produces an unintended result….top of mind awareness.  The message in the cards will resonate with the recipient resulting in them thinking of your credit union more than any other financial entity.

Overall, we need to build this habit into our daily routine.  So put a stack of blank cards on your desk, and find a reason each day to send just one card.  That’s not a lot of time or effort, but it will come back 10 fold in 6 months. Trust me, I see it happen all the time!

PS…cards aren’t hard to buy, you can get them on or

The key takeaway here is to show up in your current members’ lives, in ways they didn’t expect you to, and that will result in them referring new members to you for more services!

Matt Ward

Matt Ward

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