The right online mindset is key to membership growth

Credit Unions, at least in the eyes of the general public, are notorious for having outdated websites, inconsistent social media efforts and little to no mobile presence. While that’s an exaggerated sentiment, it’s not untrue that a lot of our industry is trying to keep up with an ever-changing digital environment. It seems costly (even though we’ve talked about this) and it’s intimidating, but when it’s done right — it sure is pretty. Yet it’s more than just a cute face. A solid online presence is smart and effective at bringing in new members.

Examples of credit unions doing this well exists, despite the general belief otherwise. Not only do we want to highlight those that have forged ahead through somewhat-chartered waters — we want outsiders to know that we aren’t a backwards industry. Our clients most definitely want members to have a great experience in the branch — after all, the personal, human touch is what separates a credit union from a bank (besides better rates). So we’ll be spending the next couple months sharing a few of our favorites. We hope it informs you and inspires you.

So what does it take to lead by example in online presence? For most, it comes down to responsive websites with solid designs, a mobile banking app, and an authentic social media endeavor.

For our first installment in this series, we’re starting out with a simple ‘Aloha.’

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