The US and ME in customer service

The other day I was ordering a meal from McDonald’s.

 Don’t McJudge me!

I got to the second window where you pick up your food and the woman shoved the bag at me and quickly closed the window. 

I sat there for a moment thinking about how I was going to get her attention because she had clearly forgotten my drink.

I eventually tapped on the window and she slid it open and greeted me with a “YEAH?”

I explained that she had not given me my drink and she cut me off with an “I KNOW” and shut the window again.

 I could see her filling the glass and securing the lid before opening the window and giving it to me.

She didn’t know. She had forgotten and you know what, that is ok!

What is not OK is how she handled the situation.

It left me feeling, blah.

Sometimes customer service includes admitting when you have made a mistake or error, correcting that situation, apologizing, and moving on.

I refer to this as the US and ME in Customer Service.

Let me explain…

Customer Service isn’t just about serving whomever you are in front of or on the line with.

It isn’t one sided.

Customer Service is full circle.

It takes YOU, the person providing the stellar service, to start the process in such a way that sets the path for that circle.

It takes US as the general public in today’s society, to reciprocate in a respectful way.

It’s much like the circle of karma.

What comes around, goes around.

Once you start looking at customer service in this way, you will begin to understand why it is so important to set that circle in motion on a positive note.

I am a realist; I understand that some people will draw a very jagged circle based on their own reactions to situations but putting the effort forward to handle situations smoothly will always be awesome.

Sometimes those jagged circles are of no fault of your own, but look at your portions of that service circle.

Are they smooth?

Then you did what you could do and can walk away knowing you gave a valid customer service effort.

Your efforts in the circle of service should always be smooth, calm, collected, and symmetrical.

That’s realizing your position and role in the circle.

That’s putting the US and the ME in service.

Nanci Wilson

Nanci Wilson

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