Thoughts on THINK 13 with CO-OP Financial Services’ Samantha Paxson


There are many quality shows within the credit union industry each year big and small — and CO-OP’s annual THINK Conference is among the best. Each year this show rounds up some of the biggest names in business, entertainment, sports, education, etc. to deliver thought-provoking messages to our credit union community. These high-profile outsiders bring a fresh perspective to our industry that ultimately helps us think outside our CU silo — which is a good thing! CO-OP Financial Services’ THINK Conferences have carved out a unique niche that has resulted in a huge attraction each year.

To get the inside details of this year’s THINK 13 Conference, taking place April 29 – May 2 in Chicago, we invited CO-OP Financial Services’ Vice President of Marketing Samantha Paxson on the show. Samantha joins us to discuss what these VIP presenters will be talking about — and how credit unions will benefit from their outside perspectives. We also touched on the topics presented from speakers within the credit union industry, along with what attendees will take away from this year’s show from the different messages expressed by the “who’s who” speaker line up inside and outside our industry.

Lastly, we discussed one of the conference’s coolest features: the THINK Prize — where credit union folks present their innovations and ideas that will ultimately benefit our industry a great deal. The “Prize” contest has been whittled down to three finalists who will give their final presentation at the show and attendees get to vote on their favorite. The winner receives a $10,000 prize for his/her grade A idea. The Prize contest adds a bit more excitement and suspense to an already engaging event.

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Again, the promo code is “cu broadcast” all in lowercase and a space between “cu” and “broadcast”. With that, it’s time to enjoy our chat with Samantha.

THINK 13 Conference

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