To RV or not to RV

If you are one of those people who would never dream of traveling by way of anything less than a 5-star hotel, enjoying only the finest of dining, you can stop reading right now. Of course, you are missing out, but hey, some adventures just aren’t for everyone.

On the other hand, if you’ve ever thought it might be fun to travel a bit, stopping for the night whenever you want, sleeping in your own bed, using your own bathroom, choosing to eat in, or enjoy a meal out … this article is for you.

Sometimes cost is just not a consideration. Sometimes the options are just that limited, and you have to bite the bullet and spend a small fortune to cross one more item off your bucket list. Sometimes however, there are too many options and it’s nice to know where you can save a bit without sacrificing your vacation.

Here’s a quick cost comparison to help get you up and on the road for that much needed summer road trip.

Option 1 – Drive your own car and stay in hotels.

Option 2 – Drive your own car and stay in Airbnb’s.

Option 3 – Own your own small motorhome.

Option 4 – Rent a small motorhome.

Of course, there are many pros and cons to each of these, but for simplicity, this article with focus solely on cost.

According to a 2015 article by Darrow Kirkpatrick, (and the numbers haven’t changed much), owing a small RV (under 25 feet), is the clear winner. Of course, you may not want to run right out and buy one if you have doubts that you will like it. Perhaps then a quick rental would serve you well until you know your tastes. At any rate, if you don’t plan on driving any more than 200 miles a day, here’s how the number stack up.

  1. If you already own an RV, pack her up and hit the road!
  2. If you are considering buying an RV, buy small and gently worn, but don’t get caught up in expensive financing and debt. You can purchase a quality used RV that’s only a few years old for nearly half the original sales price. Since they tend to hold their value well, you won’t be out much when you’re ready to hang up those traveling shoes, sell the RV, and start enjoying vacations by way of cruise liner.
  3. A $1,000 vacation in your own RV would average about $1,250 if you go AirBnB, $1,500 car/hotel/restaurant, and $2,000 in a rental RV. Now these number don’t demonstrate a huge difference so really you can just go by your mood. As the price of your vacation goes up however, so does the savings. Consider that a $3000 trip in your own RV would cost you $6000 in a rental. Now that’s substantial savings!

This should take some of the mystery out of your next vacation. Now you can spend your valuable time planning all the sites you’d like to see and taking notes on amazing new food opportunities from Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives.

Derek San Filippo

Derek San Filippo

Derek is a freelance writer who spends his off time either working with his rescue animals or writing children’s books. He lives in San Diego with his beautiful wife ... Web: Details