Toned calves? 5 signs teams don’t trust

I know, I know, you’re scratching your head, wondering what in the world toned calves have to do with trust. You see, when teams don’t trust…

Well, think about it like this.

You’re At The Gym

Sweat is trickling down your forehead as the bass bounces off the brightly colored walls and thumps in your chest. It’s emanating from a darkened room across the way where people who you’re certain possess more motivation (read: psychosis) than you are doing some ridiculous workout that promises they’ll resemble a Greek god 91 days from now.

Whilst the greek-gods-in-training continue their assault on Mount Olympus in the other room, one particularly large bead of sweat — you know the one — is making its way from your sweet, 80s-inspired sweatband down toward your eyebrows. Once there, it will no doubt traverse the terrain between the aforementioned eyebrows, slide down that short distance just to the side of the bridge of your nose, and then roll precariously — but almost intentionally, it seems — toward your quickly blinking eye.


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