Top 5 reasons to come to CUNA Cybersecurity Conference in collaboration with NASCUS

The strategies that cybercriminals use to attack your credit union are always changing, and sometimes the weaknesses they exploit won’t be noticed until it’s already too late.

At CUNA Cybersecurity Conference in collaboration with NASCUS, June 4-5 in Nashville, we’ll explore the many facets of credit union digital infrastructure and how to make sure your data is secure. Here are five things we’re most excited about:

1. Cutting edge subject matter

This event does more than just teach you how to pass an exam. It’s about the security of your credit union today, going above and beyond hot topic discussions on the latest threats, new developments and technologies.

2. Networking with like-minded professionals

From credit union leadership to examiners and policy makers, you’ll gain a variety of perspectives to draw upon in your future cybersecurity struggles and create a wider network of trusted individuals to work with.

3. A wide variety of expert speakers

To understand how to keep your credit union safe from cybercrime, compliant and current with the latest technologies, it takes the expertise of many. This year’s conference brings together experts from credit unions, technology and insurance companies and regulation entities.

4. Sessions suitable for all experience levels

No matter your current knowledge or experience level, there are a several breakout sessions to choose from so you can feel comfortable and learn about topics that matter to you.

5. Take part in the discussion and learn by doing

The sessions are more than just lectures. There are a lot of ways to learn, with educational presentations, discussions, demonstrations and panel/group dialogues. You’ll learn in an engaging environment rather than being talked at all day long.

The credit union movement needs widespread protection from continuously changing cyber threats, so investing in your professional development and your credit union’s safety is a fantastic way to stay ahead of the curve.

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