Top 5 reasons to include texting in your collections efforts

In the past quarter century, texting—like the internet—has become ubiquitous. We’re used to communicating with friends and family via text throughout the day, sending quick hellos, and coordinating plans. Americans are also increasingly reliant on text messages for professional communication and to interact quickly and easily with businesses without having to take time out of the day to sit down to make a phone call or draft an email.

While some still perceive texting as a millennial phenomenon, the data suggests otherwise. A recent report from TextRequest found that, “On average, American adults sent and received 32 texts per day, totaling 18 billion texts every day, 541 billion texts every month, and 6.5 trillion texts every year.” Breaking this down by age group, they found American adults ages:

  • 18-24 sent and received about 128 text messages per day
  • 25-34 sent and received about 75 text messages per day


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