Turning your website into your best salesperson

Is your bank or credit union website your best salesperson? If not, something is seriously wrong.

Think about it — if you’re doing your website the right way, it represents a tremendous investment of both time and money reaching consumers. At its best, your website should quickly help consumers find what they are looking for and give them an idea regarding taking action. In this digital age, the average consumer will likely learn about your financial institution from the information on your website, long before they actually come into a physical branch. Your website is the welcome mat and front porch to your bank or credit union.

However, your website should also be a lot more than an online brochure. When used correctly, your website is a powerful sales tool for your financial institution. You must also learn to think less like a bank or credit union and more like a retailer. In this vein – is there a call to action on your website, or is it simply a series of boring brochure pages plastered uninspiringly on a screen? In the end, your website must sell, like any other member of your staff charged with consumer interaction. As noted in a recent CU Grow article, “Your website should be your number one selling resource. And if done right, it should outperform all of your other branches combined and be the number one revenue generator.”

What are some ways to fine-tune your website to make this happen? Following are a few ideas.

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