View From the Board: The importance of leadership

Take a moment and think about your own path; surely you can identify a mentor that had an impact on the trajectory of your career. When I look back on my career, both in the technology industry and the credit union industry, I can think of several. So, when Tony asked whether I’d be a mentor for one of the Crashers at the recent DCUC Annual Conference in August, I excitedly accepted. Though we didn’t have too much time together (our schedules are all PACKED!), we did share introductions, including career paths and aspirations, met for lunch, and checked on each other multiple times throughout the conference. We also followed up after the conference with promised communication specific to topics we discussed at the conference. A very positive experience if you’ve never participated!

In the ever-evolving landscape of the professional world, the mentor-mentee relationship stands as a cornerstone of personal and career development. This partnership transcends basic guidance; it fosters growth, knowledge transfer, and a sense of belonging within the professional community. Mentors provide invaluable insights and wisdom. They draw from their experiences, helping mentees navigate the terrain of their field. Whether it’s sharing industry knowledge or offering advice on career choices, mentors serve as trusted advisors. A mentor often introduces their mentee to their own connections, opening doors that might otherwise remain closed. This network effect amplifies career opportunities and accelerates growth. This isn’t a one-way relationship though. Mentees bring fresh perspectives and a thirst for knowledge. Their questions and curiosity challenge mentors to stay updated and adapt, fostering continuous learning for both parties.


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