What are they pushing today?

by: Rick Ivey

Funny how in most instances, the opinions expressed in articles, seminars, and blogs depends on what products and services the author is promoting. You can find infomercials over it all, branch technology, mobile app’s, online banking, video banking, etc…everyone seems to pick their solution as the “fix all”. What happens when there isn’t one?

Branches continue to evolve…the question is what will this evolution consist of? A single channel strategy, a kitchen-sink channel strategy, a flavor of the month strategy, a big-data strategy, maybe even a throw it against the wall strategy…something has to stick right? Really what are you offering your clients? An Omni-Channel approach can become a monster without setting a strategy that provides the delivery methods and technologies that will engage your clients in a manner they prefer.

The transaction aspect of branching has already seen its better days. This costly aspect has been replaced with mobile options which are more efficient for the bank and more convenient for their clients. How do you interact with the mobile, self-serve young adult, the assisted-service new family, the asset-driven consumer, and retirees? There is not a “fix all”. It takes a plan to integrate all the needed channels into a single-source that engages your client in a way…they prefer. It just takes the expertise and strategic “know how”!

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