What cooperation among cooperatives looks like in practice

Most credit union employees are familiar with the cooperative principles, including Principle #6: Cooperation Among Cooperatives. Yet it seems this principle has yet to be fully realized within the credit union movement. That’s why when we saw that Coastal Credit Union had hired a VP of Cooperative Strategies, we took notice. We’d never heard of someone with that job title at a credit union before.

Emily Nail is not only Coastal Credit Union’s first VP of Cooperative Strategies, she also serves as Executive Director of the Coastal Credit Union Foundation and previously served as Executive Director of the Cooperative Council of North Carolina (CCNC). We were thrilled to invite her to The Remarkable Credit Union podcast to talk about her new role, her take on North Carolina’s rich cooperative history, and this month’s BIG question:

How can credit unions collaborate with other local co-ops to work toward building a thriving cooperative economy?


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