What Credit Union Leaders Can Learn from Miss H.

by Devin Selte

I remember the first time that I felt my integrity was called into question.

It was the year 1997.

A time when the death of Princess Diana shocked the world.

A time when a 21 year old Tiger Woods became the youngest golfer in the world to win the Masters.

A time when a young Devin Selte, (me and just 18), was just starting out on his leadership journey.

Looking back on the incident now, I likely had no idea how the impact of this one particular event would define who I am as a person.  But as I think of all the impactful personal leadership experiences over the past 33 years of my life, this is one that stands out to me.

1997 was my high school graduation year.  I wanted to take a greater role in the celebration of that event, so I took on the role as chairperson of our graduation committee.  One of the requirements of our committee was to look at choosing three songs that would be used for the grand march.  This is where during the banquet graduates parade around the chosen facility to be recognized for reaching this illustrious goal of high school supremacy.

For selection, we gave students the opportunity to nominate songs they felt would be worthy of this grand event.  We compiled a list and allowed students to select their top 3, in which the top vote getters would be used for our grand march.

This is where my leadership was tested.

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