What would Musk measure?

Re-usable booster rockets deliver a powerful lesson about sustainability and strategic thought in the credit union space.

On Feb. 6, the Falcon Heavy launch rocket sent a Tesla sports car into space. I was fortunate enough to be in Orlando, FL — about 50 miles away from Cape Canaveral — and it was thrilling to see, even from that distance.

But the launch was followed by an even more astonishing sight: The twin landing of the side booster rockets. What an audacious feat of physics and engineering and a spectacular lesson in sustainability.

Now I wonder, what would Elon Musk measure?

Musk is the South African entrepreneur who disrupted financial services with PayPal before turning his attention to electric cars and commercial space travel.

This man’s thinking is big, hairy, and audacious. He can make the bottom line work, but he’s also a visionary. So, if he were creating a new credit union movement, would he envision it stuck with the same incremental gains, year-after-year?



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