What your credit union should expect from a SIEM solution

by Brittany Holmes, Adlumin

Credit unions face increasing cybersecurity challenges, requiring a new approach to Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solutions. The traditional role of SIEMs is no longer adequate in addressing complex threats. Credit unions need an evolving SIEM solution with enhanced visibility, advanced analytics, and machine learning capabilities to effectively combat cyberattacks and ensure timely alerts.

Adlumin’s modernized SIEM solution centralizes all data into a security operations platform, providing credit unions with end-to-end visibility, automated response, and compliance support. To tackle the evolving landscape and challenges effectively, credit unions need a SIEM solution that seamlessly aligns with their network infrastructure, offering extended risk and management capabilities.

What to look for in a modern SIEM

  • User & entity behavior analytics (UEBA): Adlumin’s UEBA stands out from traditional rule-based detection methods by consistently analyzing operational and security data. With the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning, Adlumin’s UEBA goes beyond the ordinary to uncover known threats and unknown ones, including insider threats, compromised accounts, and sophisticated attacks.

One key aspect that sets Adlumin’s UEBA apart is its focus on unique threats specific to individual user behavior. By creating a baseline of behavior for each user and entity, our platform swiftly identifies any deviations that may indicate potential security threats. Through contextual analysis, Adlumin accurately determines the severity and risk associated with these anomalies.

  • Easy deployment and pricing: Credit unions, often operating on limited budgets, require a seamless and cost-effective solution for their cybersecurity needs. Adlumin offers the perfect fit, providing easy deployment in under 90 minutes and pricing options that ensure minimal disruption to ongoing operations. With our cloud-native platform, credit unions can effortlessly maintain their IT infrastructure without experiencing extended periods of downtime or significant productivity losses.

Adlumin goes above and beyond by eliminating data limits. By doing so, credit unions gain access to a wide array of data sources, including network traffic, endpoints, and cloud data. This comprehensive data collection empowers credit unions with full visibility into their environment, leaving no security blind spots. Threat detection is enhanced, enabling the identification of potential risks at its early stages.

  • One-touch compliance reporting: Credit unions operate in a highly regulated environment with stringent and non-negotiable compliance requirements. To ensure adherence to these regulations, credit unions need a solution that can quickly generate reports. Adlumin’s Security Operations Platform enables credit unions to meet their compliance obligations by seamlessly automating the reporting process. This smooth and efficient feature saves valuable time and resources, enhances real-time monitoring, and strengthens overall security maturity.

Take a tour: Enhance your credit union’s visibility

In an era where cybersecurity threats are continuously advancing, credit unions need enhanced visibility to stay ahead of emerging threats. It is crucial for them to have a modern SIEM solution in place to detect and respond to security incidents efficiently, ultimately enhancing their security maturity.

At Adlumin, we understand the vital role of visibility in cybersecurity solutions and offer a tailored Security Operations Platform and MDR services to provide credit unions with a 360 view of their IT landscape. But we don’t stop there. We believe in the power of experience, so we invite you to take a platform tour, giving you firsthand access to our solution’s benefits.

Discover how our platform empowers your team to effectively detect and respond to threats by scheduling a demo or signing up for a free trial today. Take the tour and elevate your credit union’s visibility to new heights.


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Contact the author: Adlumin

Contact the author: Adlumin