What’s in a name: Director of Core Services

Diann Hollen-Stansbury keeps processes and technology flowing at BluCurrent Credit Union.

BluCurrent Credit Union ($265.5M, Springfield, MO) has been on the same core processing platform since the turn of the century, but little else has remained the same thanks to Diann Hollen-Stansbury. The director of core services has help guide technology at the Show Me State cooperative since she joined the team in 2010.

It’s not typical for a credit union of that size, or any size, to have someone specifically in that role given this age of plug-and-play commoditization, but Hollen-Stansbury’s work speaks to the critical role the core plays as the operational hub in today’s credit union. Her work also underscores how someone dedicated to making the most of the core can make a difference in the entire operation.

Hollen-Stansbury joined the former Postal Federal Community Credit Union in February 2010 and became director of core services in July 2011, a month before the cooperative became BluCurrent Credit Union with a charter to serve 10 counties in southwest Missouri.

Here, she describes how she works with the core platform and her colleagues.


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