What’s in a name: Sales Manager and Accountability Trainer

Laurie Flanders cleans up the reputation of "sales" by ensuring All In Federal Credit Union serves members as it works to meet goals.

“Sales” is not a dirty word at All In Federal Credit Union ($2.0B, Daleville, AL). It’s the avenue to being all a member-owned financial cooperative can be and a lifeline to survival in an ultra-competitive marketplace.

Delivering on that vision, however, requires pulling together processes and principles, breaking down silo walls, and building a culture of accountability. That’s where Laurie Flanders comes in. She joined All In nearly four years ago as its first sales manager and accountability trainer, and here she shares what that means and how it looks at the south Alabama institution.

Describe the evolution of your title and role of sales manager and accountability trainer at All In.

Laurie Flanders: Our CEO, Bobby Michael, began brainstorming this role in 2016 in recognition that our cooperative can’t be successful without growth and evolution. All In was not hurting for growth, but his vision of what we could achieve required the addition of leadership.


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