Where’s email engagement headed?

A look at how trends can capture attention

There’s a good deal of valuable time being spent on creating email campaigns. With all the effort that goes into creating the right message, choosing the best template and sending it out at just the right time; how can our chances of success be more in our favor? Email remains one of the most effective means of communicating with members. It is a marketing activity that should be at the top of the list for all credit unions when prioritizing time spent on various engagement activities. There are important rules to consider keeping member interest high, and unsubscribes low. Here are some important trends to consider:

Interactive Emails

Give members a way to reach you directly through your emails. Auto loans and mortgages top the list of financial products for members. Why not promote an auto loan sale? Turn your email into a lead generator with a button that links to a loan application or a special pricing coupon. Interactive emails can provide great incentives for members to react to.

Video in Emails

Adding video to an email brings content to life. Video is another way to tell your story and support the message your email is sending. Video works if it is not a pointless, decorative element. Pushing the envelope by adding features such as video will increase engagement. When a video is personalized for its audience the retention rate is 35% higher than non-personalized videos. Keep the message short, this will raise retention rates by 53%.

Email Targeting

One size does not fit all. This is true with emails. The recipient of your message wants to feel special and that you know them. There are financial service offerings that apply to everyone, but having a segmented email list is good idea for many reasons. Given most people are bombarded with emails, targeting increases open rates. Check your site analytics to better understand how to engage members. Who is visiting your website? What areas of the site would you like to drive more traffic to?

Email Design is Changing

Creating a new look to increase engagement involves redesigned headers, GIFs, Call-to-Action buttons and other design elements. Think beyond the box, not just outside it. Marketing to members in your emails with design elements that push the boundaries with engaging photography, fun animations and emotional emoji. Just remember; design is there to support great content. Both, working together, is the winning combination.

Action Emails

Getting the attention of the email recipient, and being able to cause a reaction is the goal. There are numerous CTAs to utilize based on the design and intent of your email.

Let’s look at the list of Call-to-Action buttons for different seasons and reasons:

Encourage a purchase

Example: Claim your coupon, Save Today


Example: Shop for your birthday deal, Spread Holiday Cheer


Example: Learn More, Download Now


Example: Hear Our Story, See the Difference


Example: Count Me In!, Save Me a Spot!


Example: Make Me a VIP, Get Results Now


Example: Sign Up and Save, I Want to See My Savings


Example: May We Have Your Feedback?, Let Us Know How We Are Doing?

Social Media

Example: Join the Conversation, Let’s Stay Connected

When it comes to CTAs, don’t overwhelm your subscriber, give them choices they can easily find in the body of your email, but don’t overdo it. When it comes to placement there continues to be a debate should the button be above the fold, or at the bottom? You decide based on design. You can provide a prompt leading the recipient to the button if you feel that is necessary.

Emotional Connection Emails

Building a connection with members helps them identify with your mission. Credit unions serve the community, use storytelling to uncover the importance your credit union has made in the lives of others. This is an impactful and compelling way to drive brand awareness.

Taking your member on the journey to learn more about your credit union’s resources starts with you. How you guide the member on this journey will help bring about change in the way members identify with your offerings and the solutions you can provide. Remember the future of email marketing is here. Time for your emails to utilize available resources to maximize exposure to members. Don’t serve up the same old tired one-way messaging!

Eric Budzinski

Eric Budzinski

Eric Budzinski is the AVP of Marketing for GrooveCar, Inc. He joined the company in 2015 after building a successful foundation in small business sales and marketing.   Eric can be ... Web: www.groovecarinc.com Details