Where’s the consumer come in on this one?

by. Tom Picciano

This conversation could have taken place between any mid-level manager and dissatisfied customer. What was said was real.  Unfortunately, it involves a failing business that should be trying to make customers happy, not lose them.

It came within days of the company announcing by letter they’d be changing their service. Let’s just say things didn’t go well at all after the change.  The customer gave the company a chance…four actually… but nothing happened.

After the customer quietly outlined the needs and what was wrong—here’s what the manager said.  Things have and will change.  They won’t be the way they were before. Yeah, heard that before.

Now the clincher: “We’re concerned about A: the company and B: the employee.” When reminded by the caller that the manager left out: “C: the customer” there was no reply.

Way to drop the ball and lose the customer.  How many times has our business been faced with a complaint because of a change in the way we do things? How many times has something our business done been a mistake?

Soon, the telephones will stop ringing.  The emails will stop coming in. The money will dry up.  Why? Because without pleasing the customer, there will be no customers.

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