Why credit unions need content marketing

by. Larry Meador

Many credit union marketers have started prioritizing more content-based strategies like social media and blogging within their marketing plan. In fact, the Content Marketing Institute reports that 58 percent of businesses are increasing their content marketing budget this year.

Some organizations may be intimidated by the challenge to create engaging content on complicated financial topics for the average consumer, but at evok advertising – we feel it is a necessity in retaining strong membership within your institution. Research has shown the ROI on content marketing is quickly overtaking traditional media, and it’s important for your organization to understand the benefits of content that is appropriate for your marketing goals and target audience.

Consumers Want Visuals
The average person processes visuals better than written text, especially regarding complicated financial matters. Photos and videos have the advantage to quickly connect with viewers’ emotions and gain their trust.

Here are a few common facts proving that visual content can attract your target audience to your message, rather than annoyingly tapping on the glass for their attention:
•    86 percent of landing pages with videos convert more leads than those without.
•    Visual posts on social media receive 90 percent more engagement.
•    Consumers are 60 percent more likely to click on a business with an image attached to their result in a search engine.
•    Articles using images and pictures receive 94 percent more views than those without one.
•    Organizations marketing with infographics receives 12 percent more website traffic than those not using these visuals.

Financial Brands Need a Relatable Voice
Finances can be a difficult topic to discuss with the general public, let alone make it interesting and engaging. Credit unions have a unique advantage in this area because your organization caters to the financial needs of a specific niche group.

When looking for ideas on how to produce more engaging content, go back to your target demographic’s lifestyle and research what is currently connecting with them. The benefit of creating and using social media platforms is the information that your organization can gather about what’s most important to your members.

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