Why First Millennial matters

A common bond across space and time is still a bond. Credit unions must make the case for millennials and beyond.

On Friday, CreditUnions.com posted a profile of a fictional credit union: First Millennial ($24.7M, Austin, TX).

Eight of Callahan’s millennial staff members spent a lot of time researching and writing the creative, convincing piece — right down to the performance Quick Facts box that is included on all credit union profiles. This was a significant investment of intellectual energy for an April Fools’ Day prank (and one noticed by the mainstream press).

But, why? Why go to all this trouble? I mean other than to poke fun at the notion that somehow this cohort of colleagues aren’t quite as different from the rest of us as they (and we) like to think. While entertaining, this satirical piece raises important, difficult questions, including what is a “common bond” and why does it matter?


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