Yes, you can save on Disney Cruises

Families who love to go cruising often rave about Disney Cruise Lines.

Even skeptics or those who aren’t Disney fans but book a Disney Cruise anyway to please their family begrudgingly admit, “Yes it may be pricier, but so worth it!”

It’s all about the experience from the moment you board.

Your dining crew servers stay with you throughout your time on the ship. They know your unique meal quirks and by the end of your stay, they feel like members of your own family.

They even make it easy for you when leaving. Have a flight to catch? No problem. With Onboard Airline Check-In at certain ports, you can check your bags, get your boarding passes and simply walk off the ship onto a Disney transport that takes you to the airport. You then just pick up your bags when you land at home.

All of that extra service doesn’t come cheaply. But according to Disney cruising experts, there are few ways you can save besides booking off-season.

Check for Disney Cruise Line special offers: Always check this section of the website. There are promos and deals to be found like “children sail free” periods, or discounts for Florida residents and members of the U.S. military.

Have a travel agent book it:Seriously, they can offer extra discounts and onboard package perks in addition to what you find on the website.

BYOB: With non-alcoholic drinks available for free anytime to guests on pool decks and in buffet restaurants, you may be tempted to buy the drink package for something a little stronger. That may not be worth it, since you are allowed to bring two bottles of unopened wine or six beers when you board and in each port. Just board with it in your carry on.

Before you leave the ship, look into rebooking bonuses: Seasoned cruisers say booking future trips while on board can save hundreds of dollars. They can even be combined with travel agency discounts and promotions when you get home. Disney also tosses in onboard credits based on the number of times you’ve sailed.

Use the Disney Cruise Line Navigator app: No need to buy the wireless package to keep in touch with others onboard. There’s free in-app texting, so the whole family can coordinate schedules, meet-ups and excursions.

Myriam DiGiovanni

Myriam DiGiovanni

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