You Might Be A Manager…

by Anthony Demangone

Growing up in rural Pennsylvania, I always enjoyed Jeff Foxworthy’s comedy routines. Especially the “you might be a redneck” bits.  Sure, they sometimes hit a bit close to home, but I always thought it was healthy to laugh at yourself every so often.

I’m a firm believer that every segment of society should be able to poke fun at itself.  I was trained as a lawyer. There’s a ton of low hanging fruit there if you ever need a laugh. Believe me. 

But this blog is about management.  So with a hat tip to Mr. Foxworthy, here goes.

  • If someone asks you how your train ride was, and you respond, “Fantastic! I knocked out about 200 emails,”….you might be a manager.
  • If you have four business books sitting on your nightstand…you might be a manager.
  • If the fact that you haven’t picked up a one of those four business books in a week bothers you…you might be a manager.
  • If you have more “productivity” apps on your phone than games…you might be a manager.
  • If someone asks you who your favorite author is, and Jim Collins comes to mind…You might be a manager. 
  • If you compare notes with friends to see how they handle their email in-box…you might be a manager.
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