3 unconventional ways to find a job

Everyone is familiar with posting sites and classified ads, but did you know you’re not limited to these resources when hunting for a new job?

Here are 3 tips to help you land the job you want:

Ask. “Fortune favors the bold,” is a cliche for a reason. If there’s a company you want to work for but they don’t have any job openings posted, be bold enough to express your interest and ask for a job. They may have something opening soon. Not all companies have the resources to post positions as soon as they become available.

As an added bonus, asking for a job before the listing goes to the masses means less competition for the job you want, and demonstrating that you value the company’s culture means you’ll look better than the average job candidate. Plus, taking initiative shows you’re a self-starter.

Volunteer. Have some extra time and believe in a cause? Begin by volunteering with an organization or movement you’re passionate about. The group you’re working for may repay your efforts with a paid position.

If not, don’t sweat it. Make all the contacts you can. Volunteering is a great networking opportunity. If a job doesn’t present itself at the place you’re volunteering, chances are good someone you’re volunteering with will be hiring or will know someone who is. Ask them for a recommendation and/or an introduction.

Grab a cup of coffee. Social media networking sites such as LinkedIn or Facebook can help you connect with others in your industry. Invite contacts to meet you for a cup of coffee from time to time. From here, you can potentially learn of job openings, get recommendations and make additional connections.

At a minimum, you’ll have a good beverage and potentially make a new friend, and every contact you make is also a step closer to landing the job you’ve been searching for.

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