4 reasons you should go out of your way to be nice

You’re in a bad mood and you take it out on the guy running the cash register. We’ve all been in a similar situation. In the moment, you might think it feels good to release those emotions, but it’s time to stop doing that (I’m talking to myself as well). Here are 4 reasons you should be nicer.

You don’t know what others are dealing with: It doesn’t matter if someone personally pissed you off or not. Maybe they knew exactly what they were doing, but more times than not, we get mad at people for reasons they are completely oblivious to. It’s easy to hurt someone’s feelings when you’re not being thoughtful. Often, it’s because we’re stressed or bothered by something else we’re dealing with. Keep this in mind before you snap at someone who may or may not have been trying to ruin your day. They may have already had their day ruined by someone else.

A few nice words can make a big difference: Eye contact and a smile doesn’t always penetrate to the core, but you never know when a few nice words can make a big difference. Even if some time has passed, apologizing for any wrongdoings can mean a lot to some people. Don’t believe me? Ask Danny McGrath.

Bridges don’t build themselves: At work or at home, when you’re mean to someone, it’s not good for your relationship. Anyone who’s married knows it pays to keep the spouse happy. At work, negative behavior will lead to bad relationships. You can get mad and explode on someone if you want, but keep in mind, once that bridge is burned, it may take a lot of work to build it back up. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about coworkers or clients. Bad relationships aren’t good for anyone (except maybe divorce attorneys).

It feels good: Being nice just feels good. It can lower your stress level and help make you happier. It can make you feel relaxed and give you a positive outlook on life. You want to live a longer and happier life? Be nice.


John Pettit

John Pettit

John Pettit is the Managing Editor for CUInsight.com. Through news, community, press, jobs and events, he keeps credit unions digitally informed throughout the day. Web: www.cuinsight.com Details

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