4 signs you’re a workaholic

Always in the office

Do you notice you’re first to arrive and last to leave? This is absolutely acceptable and encouraged when you’re new to a position and learning the ropes or if you’re completing an important project. But consider how productive and useful this extra time actually is as chances are, you are more fatigued during these hours. Instead, get plenty of rest so you can fire on all cylinders during regular business hours.

Unable to sleep

If you are a workaholic, it will inevitably begin to negatively affect other things in your life, including your quality of sleep. The more you think of business matters during your off time the less likely you’ll be able to “turn it off.” Ever head to bed only to lay there consumed with thoughts of work? The less sleep you get the less likely you’ll function well the following day. So, when you leave the office, leave work at the door.

Relationships are strained

When work overshadows other aspects of life, your loved ones will notice and be affected. A healthy personal life means devoting plenty of time to nurturing your relationships and maintaining strong bonds with family and friends. If they begin to feel you are more invested in your work than in them, it will cause tension. It is respectable to care about your professional career, but not at the expense of important people in your life.

Your self-worth equals your work success

Workaholics often attribute their worth as a person to successes experienced in their work life. They find personal value in business accomplishments and let professional disappointments define their self-esteem. There will occasionally be setbacks at the office, but employees who place so much emphasis on their job performance end up feeling depressed and unhappy which directly impacts their outlook on life.

Wendy Moody

Wendy Moody

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