4 things confident colleagues do differently

Do you have certain colleagues whose self-assuredness you admire? Whether you work in a small office setting or a large corporate organization, chances are there is someone whose personal strength and poise you envy. What is it about these cool cucumbers that causes them to stand out? Here are four things that your self-confident coworkers do differently.

They admit when they’re wrong

Those that are self-assured aren’t afraid to put themselves out there. If others don’t agree with their assertions, they take critiques as positive feedback and opportunity for growth. Confident coworkers know that constructive criticism is necessary for personal and professional improvement and they are strong enough to not take things personally.

They don’t crave attention

When someone has self-confidence, they don’t seek out the approval of others. A true sign of confidence is understanding the importance of being yourself. Your self-assured colleague doesn’t care to have all the attention on them; instead, they deflect an abundance of praise and allow other deserving employees to receive recognition. Being truly confident means knowing your inherent value, therefore a need for validation from others is not necessary.

They praise their peers

Your confident coworker knows what they bring to the table, therefore the need for a constant pat on the back is not present. Instead, they encourage others to reach their full potential. Because they aren’t insecure, confident employees don’t feel it necessary to steal others’ spotlight, therefore instead they look outward and help others realize their own strengths.

They aim for advancement

Employees that are truly confident know the importance of professional development. They seek out challenge and feel a constant need to take risks. Their inner drive motivates them to not hold back. Understanding their worth and value enables them to push themselves to greater things. Confident colleagues always want to take the next step and even if that means they may face obstacles, they’re always willing to pick themselves up and keep moving forward.

Wendy Moody

Wendy Moody

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