4 worst things your colleagues do

It’s hard to believe but it is indeed a fact that most of us spend more time with our coworkers than we do with our own family and friends. Unfortunately, that means we have to experience all the ins and outs of each colleague’s quirks. Not only do we have to be exposed to these behaviors on a regular basis, but in the spirit of being professional, we have to accept them, too. Here are the four worst things colleagues do in the workplace and how you can best deal with them.

Gossip about anyone, and everyone

Someone at work may approach you with something they think is interesting about another colleague, but be careful not to take the bait. These gossips thrive off involving themselves in our people’s business. Sometimes they are chastised for their caddy behavior and learn from bridges they may have burned. Other times they go through life gossiping and are never able to stop their bad habit. Make sure that if your coworker comes to you with a “juicy tidbit” about someone in the office, you don’t get mixed up in the drama. It could be you who ends up paying for it in the end if you’re caught speaking poorly about another person in the workplace.

Conduct angry phone calls

Have you ever been near a coworker when they’re telling someone off on a personal phone call? There’s nothing more awkward than having to sit through the call as they raise their voice and carry on while you’re trying to get your work done. It’s hard to believe that some find this acceptable work behavior but unfortunately this happens all too often. In order to not get off track, or cause strife between you and your colleague by addressing their behavior, simply move to a more private workspace until their call is finished. This may also be a great time to stretch your legs if you’re stuck behind a desk all day.


Are you a trusting person? It’s always best to be especially careful with who you confide in at work. Someone may claim to have your back, but when it looks like the situation may benefit him or her in some way, they may throw you under the bus without thinking twice. The best thing you can do to avoid being backstabbed at work is to be open with your colleagues, but be very cautious when sharing anything sensitive. Be confident that if whatever you’ve discussed with your coworkers makes its way to your supervisor, you can take pride in your words and actions and not be fearful that they will cost you.


Just as a colleague may end up backstabbing you, they may also tell you certain fibs to ensure things go their way in the workplace. Did they tell you they fulfilled their end of the bargain, but actually didn’t? The best thing you can do if you doubt a coworker is to let their behaviors speak for themselves; sooner or later the truth will come out. Continue working to the best of your abilities and others will view you as accountable and trustworthy.

Wendy Moody

Wendy Moody

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