5 stars for this online review strategy

Consumers Credit Union’s 5 Star Difference program incents staff to identify positive promoters during member interactions.

Consumers Credit Union ($1.2B, Gurnee, IL) is polishing up its online image by incenting employees to identify members who might post a positive online review.

The Illinois credit union’s 5 Star Difference program calls for staff who have a particularly good interaction with a member to send that info via intranet form to digital marketing manager Eric Shriey. He then emails the members to ask them to post feedback on review sites such as Yelp, Google, Credit Karma, Wallet Hub, and Deposit Accounts.

Shriey says two realities drove the creation of this program. First, that online reviews play a crucial role in a credit union’s reputation, and, second, that most reviews tend to be negative.


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