7 fintech-led COVID relief efforts that went above and beyond in 2020

by Stephanie Walden, Daphne Foreman, Forbes

Ah, December. A time of pine-scented candles, Secret Santa gift exchanges and “looking back at 2020” listicles.

To state the obvious, this holiday season looks a little different than in years past. Instead of shopping for outfits that strike the right balance of professionalism and pizzazz for office holiday parties, employees are busy searching for the perfect Zoom background. And instead of the standard “best of” round-ups, journalists are reflecting on an anomalous year—and giving thanks for its silver linings, no matter how faint.

There are at least a few things to be thankful for, after all. While millions have suffered personal and professional upheaval as a direct result of the Covid-19 pandemic, 2020 has also seen individuals, NGOs, governments and the corporate world collaborating to keep the gears of the economy churning—however jerkily—throughout the crisis.

Notably, the financial technology sector has emerged as a lifeline for many. By teaming up with big banks, third-party corporations and small businesses, fintechs played an integral role in offering aid to their customers this year.


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