7 key considerations in a hosted phone service to improve your credit union’s efficiency ratio

One of the leading reasons for poor efficiency in credit unions is the lack of use of paid technology. Less than 50% of credit unions are utilizing the technology they pay for, which is damaging to overhead costs and efficiency ratios. Last month, the article “How Would Members Rate your Phone System” discussed why credit unions should consider a hosted phone service to improve efficiency ratios.  By choosing a “Cloud” based or “Hosted” service, you can significantly reduce the upfront investment and ongoing cost of maintenance for your phone system.  It’s also an opportunity to affordably add key functionality to better serve your members. However, Cloud-based phone systems are not one size fits all.   Here are 7 key considerations when selecting a hosted service for your Credit Union’s communication needs:

    1. Experience- Does the company providing the hosted phone system understand Credit Unions?  Members depend on you for key services and the protection of their assets.  Does the company understand what it takes to gain and keep a member?
    2. Security- This should go without saying, but with some hosted services, the majority of the employees aren’t even based in the U.S.   Choose a service that develops products here and supports you with U.S. based employees.  In addition, verify that all communications between employees and with members are encrypted to ensure top security.
    3. Design- Ideally your CU receives its own dedicated hosted system in the Cloud, not a shared system with the potential for shared problems.  You shouldn’t be on the hook for mistakes made by other customers.
    4. Robust Functionality-  Does the Cloud service provide robust contact center capabilities?   Would you like to chat or text with newer members in addition to a phone conversation?   Would you like to record all of the calls so that agent/member interaction can be evaluated later?  A complete service should provide those capabilities as well as real-time metrics and historical reporting.  With a hosted service, it should be possible to add contact center affordably, one agent at a time.
    5. Affordability- In many cases, a CU should see a reduction in telecom expenses by migrating to the Cloud.  If you are maintaining a phone system or phone lines at every branch, hosting will greatly simplify management while consolidating and optimizing your carrier connection with SIP services.
    6. Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity– Is your phone system included in your Business Continuity plan?  With a hosted service, that can be an easy “yes”.  The hosted service should be completely redundant so that if a problem occurs it can automatically fail over to a backup.  The service should also include capabilities such as mobile applications and softphones to allow employees to securely connect to the hosted system even when they are unable to be at the office.  
    7. Integration – Microsoft Office 365 is being rapidly adopted by credit unions across the country.  Does the service allow you to leverage Microsoft’s Instant Messaging and presence?  It can be a great way to improve communications throughout the CU and allow employees to know whether other employees are in and available.  Advanced features such as video and desktop sharing can significantly enhance personalized service for your members.   Make sure these capabilities are offered and integrated with the service.



As outlined above, choosing the right phone and contact center capability is a critical decision.  By selecting a Cloud based solution that understands your needs, your Credit Union can be on its way to top rated member service.   This opportunity is a way to affordably add key functionality to better serve your efficiency and your efficiency ratio.    When looking for a hosted phone service, or Cloud based service, ensure that the company providing the system has the experience, security, design and integration. At AltiGen Communications we provide our members with the most secure and innovatively designed systems that help them obtain an excellent efficiency ratio. 

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Mike Plumer

Mike Plumer

Mike Plumer is the Vice President of Sales for AltiGen Communications.  Mike has been with AltiGen since 1996, and has worked with thousands of companies migrating to Voice over IP.  ... Web: www.altigen.com Details