Are you ready? Required ATM updates coming in 2025

In 2025 and 2026 there will be significant mandates and changes impacting ATM’s for credit unions.  Envisant, in partnership with Meirtran, is here to help.

In 2025, ATM’s will need to have a PCI TR-31 Key Block (EPP) to be compliant. These new keypads will be mandated by Payment Card Industry (PCI) for the transfer of keys to ATM’s effective 1/1/25. With this deadline approaching, it is important that CUs ensure their machines are compliant with this new standard. All ATMs are mandated to support this, and it is especially critical to do so because if a CU fails to comply, their processors will stop accepting transactions from non-compliant machines. Certain historical mandates and machine upgrades would still allow for transactions to be processed without the necessary changes, but at the risk of the machine owner (Either FI, IAD or store owner). CU’s will not have a functioning machine if they fail to comply by the deadline. To achieve compliance, ATM’s will need: an X1 keypad (EPP), operating WinCE 6.03.000, and the TR-31 software upgrades.

Additionally, effective October 14th, 2025, Microsoft Windows 10, the operating system many ATMs use, will no longer be supported. Windows 10 will still be operable after this date, but it will get less secure as time goes by. As such, CU’s who fail to upgrade their software are putting themselves, members, and anyone using their machines, at significant risk.


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