Are You Still Dating Your Members?

By. Ronaldo Hardy, Shell Geismar Federal Credit Union

Now I know what you’re thinking right now. What in the world is Ronaldo talking about? Well, it’s quite simple. Lately, I have been reflecting on the stages of relationships, and how they parallel to our business model. At this stage of life, most of us have had the opportunity to encounter a relationship or two, so we’ve learned the cycles. In the beginning of the relationship, there is a lot of infatuation. We are so excited about the new relationship that we want to spend every moment getting to know one another. This reminds me of how we begin our member relationships. Many of us invest a large amount of time and financial resources courting the new potential member. We put our best foot forward, and make sure our Marketing materials (or should I call them loves notes) are carefully constructed to win their hearts.

Then the big day comes, after we have courted them for a while. This is the point that we ask for their hand in marriage. Often times, after the marriage some aspects of the relationship changes. Couples often drift apart because that same time, attention, and dedication to the courting process no longer exists. After an extended period of time, relationships who hit this point either stop and begin to work on it, or they walk away. Could this be an accurate depiction of your relationship with the members you serve? Do your existing members still get the time, attention, and consideration they deserve from you? Do you actively seek opportunities to let them know they still matter to you? If not, you should.

Winning a new heart can be easy, but maintaining it requires work. Our existing members deserve to continue to be courted by us. We should continue to show them our love and appreciation, and we should allocate more of our resources to letting them know they still matter to us. This is not a new concept, but something we should keep at the top of our minds. If not, we may lose what we have worked so hard to gain.

Ronaldo Hardy

Ronaldo Hardy

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