Are you the office egomaniac?

It’s important to be a confident professional, but remember there’s a fine line between being self-assured and being an egomaniac. Are you obsessed with yourself and being driven at work by your own ego? Here are three signs you’re the office egomaniac.

You’re never at fault
If something goes wrong in the office and you find yourself never owning up to it, chances are your ego is clouding your judgment. Stop and think to yourself: do you ever admit you’re in the wrong when a mix-up occurs at work? If not, then it’s time to check your ego at the door. Remember, you can still be confident while also acknowledging your weaknesses.

Only your opinion matters
Do you find yourself hogging each and every conversation that takes place? Egomaniacs see their own opinions as more valuable than others’ and although they may seem like their care, they are usually indifferent and lack empathy. A truly collaborative and productive workplace is comprised of diverse work styles and differing views on issues. It’s okay to stick to your guns and to feel strongly about something, but never forget that others’ perspectives are just as important as yours.

You judge others who are different
Egomaniacs tend to look down on those that are different because it’s difficult for them to accept others that aren’t just like them. They will offer unsolicited advice for how an employee can change and they will continuously point out flaws in others. If you’re demonstrating these condescending behaviors it’s time to make a change for the better. Put your own ego aside and encourage and motivate your colleagues by complimenting their work successes. Bringing out the best in others will create a more positive environment and make everyone feel good about their place at the company.


Wendy Moody

Wendy Moody

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