Are You Winning the Race for Customers?

The race is on to determine who will own the mind share of your customers. New communication technologies and approaches have changed the game for companies looking to lead the way in business today. Smart phones, social media and cloud computing are just a few of the players that are speeding innovation in customer communications. Keeping up is serious business.  If not, your competition will leave you behind.
Where Do You Stand?
Where does your organization sit in the standings?  Are you stuck on the sidelines? Or are you ready to enter the race, but struggle with the diverse technologies and media channels?  As any successful driver will tell testify, you need a good race car and the right pit crew to be a winner. And when it comes to Customer Communications Management you need the right mix of technologies and services in order to cross the finish line ahead of your competition.
Make a Pit Stop
You and every legitimate competitor is making offers to your customers, and it’s not always easy to know how to make the most of your effort. Here are a few factors to consider:
  • Do you have the best offers?
  • Are offers being presented to your audience through the most receptive channel?
  • Are they being received at the right time?
  • Are they being looked and considered by your audience?
  • What is the best content for converting your audience to revenue?
  • Are customers sharing your offers with their friends and associates?
Can you answer these questions and rapidly employ more strategic communications content and engagement strategies based on knowing your audience’s preferences? Answering ‘no’ or ‘maybe’ are not acceptable answers if winning the race is critical to the financial success of your company.
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