Become a champion of financial wellness

Financial anxiety is a serious source of stress among your members and in your community. With the combination of high inflation, uncertainty around the economy, layoffs, resuming student loans, and many other factors, people are looking for guidance and direction around their finances. But what’s the best way to reach your community and set yourselves apart from the noise of all the financial “advice” constantly bombarding your members? By providing your members with an educational tool to help equip them to overcome their financial stress, you can become a financial wellness champion.

Getting started

Financial wellness is a pretty broad category, which may make getting started with an initiative intimidating. After all, you don’t want just any old financial wellbeing tool just to say you have one — you want a tool with a proven track record of success that gives you measurable insights to help you best serve your members.

Luckily, there’s a simple answer: Zogo, a mobile-first, co-branded financial education app that promotes financial wellness by educating users on a wide range of financial literacy topics. Zogo partners with hundreds of credit unions across the country to provide your communities interactive, engaging learning experiences that benefit both your members and your credit union.

Topics that matter to your members

Financial stressors may vary widely within your member base, based on the age, phase of life, and individual circumstances and goals of each member. Zogo was designed with this challenge in mind. Our platform’s content library contains over 1000 bite-sized lessons, and more lessons are published continuously as the financial landscape continues to grow and evolve around us. Topics include student loans, investing, planning for retirement, saving and budgeting, taxes, protecting financial data, and so much more. This ensures that regardless of where your members are in their financial wellness journey, they have access to relevant learning modules that help them grow their knowledge, confidence, and ultimately financial wellness.

A learning mode that promotes engagements

Most people, especially those who are experiencing financial anxiety, don’t want to read textbooks or sit through lectures about finance. Real learning only takes place when your users are engaged in the learning process. Zogo is built around the concept of engagement. It’s mobile-first, meaning that it’s accessible from any mobile device and optimized for a mobile-based user experience. It’s gamified, which keeps your users engaged by employing a fun interface where learning leads to earning points and unlocking rewards. It’s reliable — we built the modules by partnering with subject matter experts and with learning experts to optimize the length of the activities for real learning. And most importantly, it’s equitable — it has content for everyone, regardless of age, financial situation, or knowledge level.

Creating data about member learning and growth

When your members use Zogo, you have access to insight about their areas of interest and their growth and improvement in financial learning. All of our learning modules include performance tracking within the training modules which generates tangible data around lesson efficacy and popularity that can help you make decisions about what services or initiatives to invest in or promote to your community. All of the data leads to transparency about what your members care the most about, where they need your support, and about how effective Zogo is at helping your members with their financial wellness.

Learn more

Offering financial wellness education to your members is a great way to show them that you’re there to help them handle their financial stressors. Want to find out more about how Zogo can make you a financial wellness champion in your community? Contact the team through the form below or request a demo to learn how our education solutions can work for you.


Contact the author: Zogo

Contact the author: Zogo