The secret weapon to transform your credit union

Throughout the last hundred-plus years, credit unions have kept up with the times to continue serving members nationwide. But as our fast-paced world keeps evolving even faster and swanky new fintechs come onto the scene, it can be difficult for credit unions to choose the right path and partners to drive their future.

Luckily, Zogo’s award-winning suite of financial wellness products is designed to transform both your members’ lives and your credit union itself.

As a group of Gen Z-ers who founded this company to create the financial education we wished we’d received, we tend to focus on what our innovative financial education can do to improve members’ financial literacy, confidence, and lives. But the other half of our business model is to facilitate strong relationships between credit unions, their members, and their community at large. The copious benefits of Zogo’s unique financial education for members also boomerang back to your credit union’s business. Here’s how:

Active Members

Leveraging Zogo to promote financial literacy amongst members is essential to improving the usage of your products and services. By educating your community on basic personal finance skills, such as taking out a car loan or a mortgage on a house, your members are more likely to not only want to take that action with your credit union but be able to do so in a responsible manner.

Zogo also offers our credit union partners the opportunity to create custom content within our app to promote their history, products, and services within our educational modules. Moreover, partners can also implement pop-up widgets to send users directly to their site to take financial action on the financial skills they’ve learned.

Our mobile-banking integration also incentivizes financial action, customized according to your credit union’s goals for members.

Loyal Members

Education is game-changing for building trust and strong relationships with members. It shows you truly care about them and are investing in their long-term financial health. We also see financial literacy and customer satisfaction increase in tandem. In fact, 75% of sponsored users report increased loyalty to their credit union sponsor compared to before they started learning on Zogo. Because of their credit union’s integration with Zogo, they are less likely to leave their credit union for a competitor or fintech.

Providing financial education is also essential for improving the mental health of your members — when your credit union personally decreases members’ financial anxiety, you can increase customer satisfaction.

Financial Wellness Data

While the Zogo app and mobile banking integrations are member-facing, credit union partners have exclusive backend access to Zogo’s Partner Portal which includes robust user data, survey responses, and testimonials. This allows partners to see the basics like how many users they’ve acquired on the app, but also provides more meaningful and granular data that can help the credit union tailor their marketing efforts, products, services, and more.

For example, the partner dashboard breaks down the most popular finance topics for your users, survey responses on what services they’d be interested in, and data on non-members users in your area who would be interested in becoming members. All of this data can be used to better understand your members (and non-members in your area who use your sponsored version of Zogo) and shape future business decisions.

Why Zogo

Zogo’s innovative financial education products that leverage gamification, microlearning, and active-learning outcomes are backed by behavioral science and curriculum design research. We’re dedicated to the efficacy of our education content in improving members’ financial literacy and lives long-term, as well as strengthening the businesses of the credit unions we partner with.

Over 95% of Zogo users report increased financial literacy and confidence, and our partners report that Zogo has helped them achieve their business goals. 

Want to learn how Zogo can help transform your credit union and its members? Contact us through the form below or request a demo to get started!

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