Break these 3 work rules today!

Many employees think the ticket to professional success is laying low and avoiding challenging subjects. But, there are various directives of many jobs that are absolutely worth disputing. Consider these three work rules and how challenging them can lead to professional (and personal) success.

Rule: Avoid awkward topics

We are often told that maintaining professionalism means staying away from uncomfortable situations at work. The truth is you’ll be hard pressed to find any work environment that doesn’t become contentious from time to time. If you and a coworker are clashing over your differing opinions or have conflicting work styles that are causing strife, instead of avoiding the issue, confront it head on. You don’t have to be confrontational, but ignoring the problem will only delay productivity and allow the situation to become a bigger issue over time.

Rule: Work is life

Don’t let your colleagues or your boss guilt you into making your career the primary focal point of your life. Sure, you should take your job seriously and dedicate yourself to doing well, but having passions and interests outside the office is critical to a happy life. There are some days when you will be tasked with projects that will keep you working late. But, don’t let your work be your entire life; find peace in your personal life by having hobbies and healthy relationships outside of the office.

Rule: Look for career advancement

It’s okay to do well at your job and be content exactly where you are. There is often a tremendous amount of pressure to climb the career ladder, but not every employee wants to move up. What matters is how you perform in your current role and what you want out of your professional life. So, ignore those that say you should want more because it’s perfectly acceptable to make your own rules.


Wendy Moody

Wendy Moody

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