Chill out. Christmas ain’t ruined.

Watching other humans overreact is occasionally baffling, sometimes frustrating, and often funny. As Christmas approaches, there’s plenty of overreacting to be seen on social media. Here are some of my favorite overreactions I’ve seen on Twitter during this holiday season.


The Elf on the Shelf has provided plenty of laughs over the last couple of years, but personally, I think his time is about up. I’ve seen way less photos of the elf and his hijinks this year, and the originality has bottomed out. Find a new gimmick, lady! #ChristmasAintRuined


SPOILER ALERT! If you’re watching The Walking Dead but haven’t made it to season 7 yet, you may want to skip ahead. There isn’t a bigger fan of the show than me. The wait between the season six cliffhanger and the season seven premiere was awful. We all had theories and mine was mostly correct. But good lands! This was October! I’m already over it. It definitely didn’t ruin my Christmas. Maybe it ruined Maggie’s … #ChristmasAintRuined


I know it’s upsetting that your cat isn’t cooperating. This is probably traumatic for you. Your cat, on the other hand, isn’t interested in being your puppet. Leave the cat alone. Don’t ruin the bond between you and your feline. As soon as you get that hat on, he’s going to hate you. Totally not worth it. #ChristmasAintRuined


Those sausage rolls look delicious. Are you at a party? No? Just home by yourself? I think 19 Christmas Cracker Sausage Rolls is plenty. Delicious, but plenty. #ChristmasAintRuined


We love Home Alone. We love Home Alone 2. If you’re my buddy Pockets, you love Home Alone 3, or 4. Whichever one you definitely haven’t seen, that’s the one he loves. Anyway, you’ve been watching these movies for years and they’re awesome. Now, a little election takes place, your favorite candidate doesn’t win, and suddenly a 5 second cameo ruins the holidays for you. Yikes. Home Alone 2 is amazing. The end. #ChristmasAintRuined

John Pettit

John Pettit

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