These common quirks are making you unlikable

Avoiding eye contact
When you fail to look someone directly in the eye, it gives them the impression you are not invested in what they are saying. In order to show you’re paying attention, look your colleague in the eye and hold their gaze. Avoiding eye contact will convey to them that you are uninterested, bored, and untrustworthy.

Obsessing over phone
There’s nothing worse than a coworker who is constantly checking their smartphone. No matter how tempted you may be to give your phone a quick peek, don’t reach for it. Instead, leave it in your desk or bag and check it only when the time is appropriate. If you are always looking down at your phone instead of up and into the eyes of others, you will appear distracted from your work which will cause your colleagues to question your level of productivity.

It’s important that no matter how casual your office environment is, you remain professional and put-together. Slouching and having bad posture portrays a lack of motivation and energy. Even if you are getting your work done, when you’re slouching at your desk or moping around the office, you will appear lazy and unenthused.

Taking part in conversations and showing interest in the topic by adding your input is valuable, but not if you’re constantly interrupting your coworkers. Not allowing them to finish their point before you jump in and steal the discussion is a major turnoff. No matter how excited you are to make your point, wait until they stop speaking or until they ask for input before piping up.

There’s a reason why fidget spinners are the latest craze among children and adults worldwide. Many of us have nervous quirks we find hard to reel in, therefore taking advantage of spinners and other tricks for taming twitches is never a bad idea. If you’re nervously tapping your pen or your foot while others are speaking or trying to complete their work, they will become distracted and annoyed. This will affect how they feel about you so stop squirming, buckle down, and get back to work.


Wendy Moody

Wendy Moody

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