Creating chaos with State Employees’ CEO Jim Blaine (Part 2)

Alright, hold on to your britches as we tackle part 2 of “Creating Chaos with State Employees’ CEO Jim Blaine.” In this episode, we discuss Jim’s thoughts on today’s regulation/compliance environment for credit unions and I think you’ll be surprised at how calm and reassuring he is with his response.

We also touch on his recent “Credit Union Marketing … SOS!!!” blog post, where he says that credit union marketeers’ need to do a better job at differentiating themselves to successfully deliver a “value” message to consumers. Here’s a snippet:

Credit union marketing looks just as good as everyone else’s because it looks just like everyone else’s!  Aren’t credit unions different and unique? Or is that just a marketing ploy?

If we are exceptional, is there any reason we shouldn’t start featuring values over value? Doesn’t our purpose have panache?

We also address today’s constant data breaches and where the responsibility lies: FIs, consumers, retailers, etc.?

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